is a sports streaming website with a lot of dangerous advertisements and redirection. The advertisements it displays are annoying, and they lead to hazardous websites that attempt to deceive and defraud users. Visitors to should disable advertising and dangerous websites, as well as be cautious with their personal and payment information, which they should not give with any unfamiliar websites.

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I initially came across when searching for websites that promoted membership fraud. Unofficial sports feeds can be accessed on this site. It avoids copyright concerns by streaming rather than storing videos. It’s usually a good idea to seek more official websites.

If you visit without using an ad blocker, you will immediately notice that the site is cluttered with advertisements. Not in the sense of ad banners, but they are present. In almost any place on’s sites, advertisements appear with every other mouse click. It creates new browser tabs that access a slew of both safe and dangerous websites:

• Advertisements disguised as news stories,

• Browser games,

• Phoney download pages,

• Online shops

• Browser hijackers

If you aren’t using an ad blocker, this makes navigating quite difficult. It’s difficult to find a certain sports stream and then play a video.

The bogus registration screen was one of the ads on that caught my attention. This screen informs you that to view sports broadcasts on, you must first create an account with an email address and a password. It offers no advertising and free HD streaming. It appears to be too wonderful to be true, and it is. This ad is for a service called or something close. It’s designed to appear as if it’s a component of the website.

Mediaz247 and related websites are not free in any manner. They cost approximately $50 each month and are completely unnecessary. As this page shows, people are duped into signing up for them. It’s a truly perilous situation.

Some of the other advertising on are similar. Ads for bitcoin investment schemes that are misleading, sites that lure users into downloading fleece are apps on their phones, and browser extensions that modify browser settings without their permission. Interacting with the advertising that displays might be extremely harmful to your security.